Coretek Group Profile

Coretek Limited (‘Coretek’ or the ‘Group’) is a leading professional distributor for the semiconductor and electronics industry. Coretek offers a superior supply chain of management to our principal and customers, as well as an effectively shortened logistic lead time to our partners for quick turnaround that benefits in a highly competitive market.

Coretek has a strong research and development team that works closely with our principal to define and create turnkey solutions for customers. Coretek Marketing and Sales teams specialize in understanding the delicate market and focus on demand creation, supporting our principals and customers, creating a win-win situation.

Coretek group has a wide coverage in the Smart Phone, Tablet PC, IoT and home entertainment segment. Our presence is strong in high growth markets like: the Greater China, India and Southeast Asia. Coretek group is the partner of choice for our customers and principals.

Our Core Value

Passion is always in our heart and we focus on core competencies.
Value creation is in our mindset
We believe in win-win and long term cooperation with our customers, vendors and stakeholders.
We stay firm with our Honest, Ethical and Professional morals.